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EnjoySvapo Aromi - Estratti di Tabacco 20ml

EnjoySvapo Aromi - Estratti di Tabacco 20ml

Concentrated flavors of natural tobacco extract

20ml bottle, 10% dilution is recommended.

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Neutral-flavored tabaccose for dilution in neutral base, nine natural extracts dedicated to tobacco lovers.

We recommend a dilution between 3% and 10% with a maturation of at least 2 days according to your needs.


Available in different fragrances:

- Oriental Extract 20ml: A blend of Oriental extracts of Izmir and Macedonian Basma varieties. Remarkably aromatic with sweet and sour notes.


- Pueblo Extract 20ml: Pueblo, the extract of chopped tobacco par excellence. A mixture with soft and sweet nuances.


- Virginia Extract 20ml: A selected Virginia Bright Leaf extract. One of the most famous tobaccos with characteristic sweet and enveloping aromatic notes.


- Perique 20ml extract: A classic tobacco originating from the south of the United States of America, used in the mixture. An extract of Perique with full and spicy notes.


- Kentucky Extract 20ml: The cigar tobacco par excellence. Kentucky Fire-cured, a full-bodied and decisive extract


- Cyprus Latakia Extract 20ml: A fabulous extract of Latakia Fire-cured from the island of Cyprus. Decided, aromatic and slightly smoky.


- Burley Extract 20ml: A clever mix of burley of different origins. Burley is mainly used in cigarette mixtures.


- Black Cavendish Extract 20ml: the black cavendish unleashes its particularities of pressed Virginia tobacco and made unique by the flavoring process. The addition of light notes of maple syrup makes this aroma unique.


- Balkan Extract Sobranie 20ml: The return of an ancient and venerated mixture of tobacco. A predominance of Oriental surrounded by Latakia and Virginia.



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