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Useful Info

Merchandise Returns

Merchandise returns

Methods and timing

  • For all products that are faulty or purchased incorrectly, the Customer is required to make an RMA request before sending it (see the guide below)
  • Once the RMA is open, the Technical Department will handle the request within a maximum of 3 working days
  • Once the shipment confirmation has been received, print the "RMA Packing Slip" which is in the acceptance e-mail and insert it in the relative product
  • The Customer undertakes to send the products within a maximum of 30 days from our acceptance, in their original box complete with accessories and serial and security codes. After this deadline, the return request will be refused and closed
  • Shipping costs are always charged to the customer (except for incorrect delivery by Svapoforniture)
  • The return is managed and tested within 7 working days from receipt of the package at our office
  • During the return processing, the product is tested and checked by the Technical Department: only once the actual problem is found will be inserted in the first useful order the replacement product (if present in stock) or an appropriate value voucher will be issued (if the product is not in stock). For products purchased incorrectly, a voucher of equal value will be issued if the product is still salable
  • Svapoforniture will communicate the outcome of the management of the return by e-mail. The status and history of the RMA is however available at any time through the Customer's account on our site

Defective or non-working products

We replace

  • Products that are actually defective: big battery, box, atomizers, chargers
  • Non-working products, even damaged, that show normal signs of wear such as scratches, cracks and lack of paint
  • The only defective part of a kit consisting of a big battery and an atomizer. If the part to be replaced is not present at the time of handling the application, a voucher equal to 60% of the total value of the kit will be issued if the battery box is faulty or equal to 40% of the total value of the Kit in the case the atomizer is faulty

We DO NOT replace

  • Products that show dents, cracks or damage due to accidental fall and / or improper use of the product
  • The defective products (batteries / battery box / kit) that at the time of verification are wet with liquid because the technicians can not determine if any malfunctions are due to production defects or negligence of the user
  • Defective products presenting tampering or breaking of the warranty seals
  • The working parts of a kit consisting of big battery and atomizer. The working parts, if any, are returned to the customer
  • The Coil and disposable atomizers because it is not possible to identify with extreme precision the reason for the malfunction that can be attributed to an incorrect use / initialization by the user
  • The accumulators
  • Products without serial and / or security codes
  • Products without original packaging, complete and complete with all accessories
  • Products invoiced for more than 6 months
  • Products with different packaging (eg RMA on silver product and delivered with black version packaging)

Following verification of the conditions mentioned above, the product will be replaced or a voucher of equal value will be issued. The replacement product will be available for collection on site or for inclusion in the order from the day following the announcement of the RMA, the voucher will be available from the order following the management of the return.

Return for incorrect purchase

We accept

  • RMA must be opened no later than 48h from receipt of goods
  • The product must be shipped within 48h from our acceptance
  • The product must still be sealed (where there is film or seals)
  • The package must be intact and still salable

Following verification of the aforementioned conditions, a voucher of the same value will be issued that can be spent starting from the order following the management of the return.
No compensatory replacements will be made with other products in the catalog.

  • The parcel containing the defective products or products and the relative prints of the "RMA Packing Slip" can be sent to us by Courier or by Post or hand delivered to us at the discretion of the Customer. Multiple RMAs can be merged into one shipment
  • If it is not possible to print the "RMA Packing Slip", insert a sheet with the RMA number. Returns without "RMA Packing Slip" inserted or without a clear reference to the RMA number will not be accepted and will be disposed of
  • If the Customer wishes to re-possess the goods previously made for verification, he is required to send written notice via ticket to the "Info - Techniques / Returns / RMA" department following the response of the technical department. Subsequently the ns. Customer Care will insert the goods in the first order of the customer without additional costs, in case of non-communication the returned goods will be disposed of by Svapoforniture
  • Together with the returned product the customer undertakes to send also the complete package of all accessories including warranty cards and, where included, sheets with the relative scratch code Failure to comply with this specification will make the return request null and void

How to make a return?

Step 1

From the My Account menu, press the RMA link.

Step 2

Then press on "CREATE NEW RMA".

Step 3

Select the order that includes the product to be returned from the drop-down menu. You can only return products whose orders are in the "delivered" status.

You can also select the product directly from the second drop-down menu.

Step 4

Select the product to be returned and enter the quantity to be returned

Step 5

Indicate, by selecting from the drop-down menu, the reason for the return

Step 6

Indicate the status of the return that will be sent for verification, always selecting from the drop-down menu from the available items the motivation, the status of the product and the preference of the intervention / resolution.

Step 7

Indicate the defect found in the "FURTHER INFORMATION" field using at least 50 characters (NB: If the field is not completed with the minimum number of characters required, it will not be possible to proceed with the creation of the RMA).
In the event that the defect is not correctly reported, the request for new RMA will not be considered valid and the sending of the products will not be authorized.

Step 8

Once the compilation of the notes field is completed, by pressing the SEND RMA key, complete the procedure.

Step 9

The system will automatically send a confirmation email with a link to check the status of your request

Step 10

Svapoforniture within 3 working days from receipt of the RMA request will send the return authorization. You can find your returns by clicking on "RMA" in the My Account menu.

Step 11

Once Svapoforniture has authorized the return of the product (ascertaining the actual malfunction of the product / s), the status will change to "APPROVED" and the system will send a second email containing the link to print the accompanying note to be sent with the product at the address: DATASTORE SRL -Via Grandi 4/9 - 20068 Peschiera Borromeo (MI). The return shipment is charged to the customer

Step 12

Once the product arrives at the Svapoforniture warehouse, the status will be updated in "package received"

Step 13

Svapoforniture technicians will evaluate the products received and reserve the right to accept or not accept the return. In cases of non-acceptance of the return, the products will be returned to the first order in evasion or if the Customer needs a faster return, it will be shipped within 24 hours, debiting the transport costs. If instead the return is accepted, Svapoforniture can replace the defective products or alternatively issue a discount voucher equal to the value of the return to be used on the next order.


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