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NB. The images in our. Store online are given purely for indicative purposes and can not guarantee the perfect immediately using with fisicamebte products together with them, since all our. suppliers may change the packaging or parts of it without providing prior notice.

Notice is hereby given that all liquids containing nicotine, are sold exclusively to persons


The online purchase process immediately generates the activation of a binding offer to purchase from you.

After confirming the order, materializes receive automatically an e-mail confirmation and disclosure required documentation art. 4 of Decree 22.05.1999 no. 185 implementation of Directive 97/7 / EC on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts.
Upon verification of the availability of the required goods, and the payment of the corresponding amount in the prescribed manner, the proposed purchase will 'automatically converted into an actual order, communicating by e-mail.


Datastore s.r.l., informs those interested in purchasing any item from the following Manufacturers:

• La Tabaccheria di Orlando D'Alessandro

to have signed distribution contracts with the aforementioned Companies containing, among other things, clauses protecting the brand and the image of the same. Below is the full text of these clauses:

6.1 The Supplier, depending on production and market needs, reserves the right to recommend the sales prices of its Products which will be those indicated in the "Resale Price List" in Annex C).

6.2 In such cases the Distributor undertakes to report the recommended prices to the public, to its "buyers - final sellers", in its sales contracts and / or in its online sales platforms, as well as to invite them to agree in advance with the Producer, the application of discounts that could cause damage to the image and prestige of the Producer himself, such as by way of non-exhaustive example, sales below cost.

8.9 The Distributor undertakes not to sell the "Products" to subjects that may make a use other than that for which they were manufactured, (For example, tobacco extracts are finished products in 10 ml format with a destination for specific use, or for use in dilution in neutral bases for electronic cigarettes, dilution to be carried out always and only by the final consumer.In fact, on the label these products report the following: “PRODUCT INTENDED FOR ONLY AND EXCLUSIVE USE BY FINAL CONSUMER ").

It remains, in fact, understood between the Parts that the use for purposes other than the aforementioned is not authorized, by way of non-exhaustive example for the production by third parties of mixtures or liquids for electronic cigarette formulated with the use of the "Products" manufactured by the Producer, mixed and packaged by companies with which there are no specific commercial agreements with the Producer and put back on the market.

8.10 In consideration of the provisions of the previous art. 8.9, the Distributor undertakes to include in its sales contracts a clause which obliges its "purchaser - final seller" to inform its buyers, in any manner and form deemed most suitable, which is "PRODUCT INTENDED FOR ONLY AND EXCLUSIVE 'USE BY THE FINAL CONSUMER ". It also undertakes to periodically verify compliance with this requirement and to promptly inform the Producer of any non-compliance. "

Therefore, it is understood that the Customer, concluding through our Website the online purchase procedure of the above items, declares to be informed that the aforementioned distribution agreements, provide for:
1. The preliminary agreement with the Producer, for the application of discounts that may cause damage to the image and prestige of the Producer, such as by way of non-exhaustive example, sales below cost.

2. The knowledge that the products / articles are intended exclusively for use by the final consumer and in no way authorizes a use other than the one just indicated (including resale to other commercial activities and / or their handling for others commercial purposes such as the production of liquids or flavorings depicting trademarks or third-party names, not agreed with the manufacturer).

The customer, by purchasing these items, confirms that they have read the terms mentioned above in points 1, 2.

Returned goods management and defective / non-compliant

Svapoforniture accepts vision made for failure only if the products comply with the following parameters.

For all returns the customer must make a request RMA,

indicating accurately the defect,following the procedure indicated on the site Any information received by mail and / or telephone unless accompanied by an RMA request authorized by ns. Staff will not be accepted for the purpose of managing a Return.

Along with the returned product the customer agrees to also send the complete package with all accessories including warranty cards and, if included, sheets with its Scratch code.

Failure to comply with this specification will void the return request.

In general we accept returns of products such as sprayers (with replaceable coil or RTA / RBA / RDA) and Battery / Battery Box purchased at our. site in the space of six months.

We do not accept returns related to coil or disposable atomizersas it is not possible to identify with precision the malfunction reason that can be attributed to an improper use / initialization by vs. end customer.

NOT ACCEPTED Returns of products billed for more than six months.


(* A sole exception of wrong supply by Svapoforniture).

WILL NOT BE REPLACED defective products that will present dents or cracks as for damage caused by accidental drops and / or improper use of the product.

WILL NOT BE REPLACED defective products which have tampering or breakage of the warranty seals (example: of Cloupor product warranty seal that prevents door opening circuit).

OTHERWISE BE REPLACEDdefective products even if they have scratches or lack of paint, as they are attributable to normal wear and tear of the product.


Only Following the verification of the product made and determined the objective problem our Customare Care will put in the first order, the product in place or, if the product is not physically available for replacement, immediately issue a voucher of equal value to be exploited in consecutive order.

In the case where the return is not accepted because in fact functioning or does not comply with one or more parameters listed in this guide, without explicit request for restitution by the customer, the / the product / s will remain in storage C / o ns. stock for the next 5 working days from the date of verification after which it will be disposed of.

If the customer wants to repossess the goods delivered prior to ila verification it is required to send written notice toservizioclienti@svapoforniture.comfollowing the response of the technical department. Then our. Customare Care will place the goods in the first order customer benefits at no additional cost, in case of failure to notify the returned goods will be disposed of by svapoforniture.

Following the verification of the products made our. Cherish Care will contact the customer to determine whether to issue a voucher of equal value or enter in consecutive order the replacement merchandise.


If you are replacing mistakenly purchased products the customer has to make a RMA procedure as in the case of a malfunction made by no later than 24h after receipt of the goods. The shipping costs of replacement merchandise are supported entirely by the customer who agrees to send the / the product / s complete with original packaging, not tampered with and not damaged.

Upon receipt of the goods we will evaluate the status of the products and if the same will become again salable ns. Customare Care will issue a voucher of equal value expendable in consecutive order.



  • Once open RMA our. Staff will authorize the sending of returns within maximum 3 working days

  • Once your return has been received will be verified within 7 working days.

  • We do not accept returns that do not have a reference RMA

  • They will not accept returns of products with different packaging (eg. RMA of silver produced and delivered with the package of the black version)

  • They not accepted will be made showing dents

  • Not accepted will be made devoid of original packaging and any accessories.

  • When creating RMA please enter the defect precisely, it is not enough to indicate that the product does not work, to manage further acceleration of the Vs have made the need for the defect is described in more precise ways. If the explanation of the fault will not be deemed sufficiently describe the Ns. staff the RMA request will not be accepted.


Svapoforniture is a preferential sales channel for all retailers on the Italian and European market and offers a wide selection of products dictated by the experience gained in the industry.
Leading company in import and distribution through the B2B channel, in the Electronic Smoke industry.

With an unrivaled Pre and Post-Sales service, we assist our customers and support them to increase their business.
Tax filing authorized since 2014, we treat the best liquids brands for electronic cigarettes from all over the world.

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