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UD Youde - Wantoo Gift Box

UD Youde - Wantoo Gift Box

Gift Box Including:

UD Youde - Wantoo Kit - Black
UD Youde - Wantoo Pod (x3)
Svapaland - Aroma Gold 10ml

+ FREE inside the Gift Box you will find:
UD Youde - Wantoo Neutral Soft Tips (x10)
UD Youde - Wantoo Intense Soft Tips (x10)

Recommended retail price € 49.90 Incl. VAT

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Bundle product including:
UD Youde - Wantoo Kit (Black), Wantoo Pod (x3), Svapaland - Aroma Gold 10ml ... AND FREE in your gift box: Wantoo Neutral Soft Tips (x10) and Wantoo Intense Soft Tips (x10).

Wantoo Kit: Kit with ergonomic pen design and integrated 500mAh battery. The Pod is coated with cotton and is preferably usable with 50VG / 50PG liquids. The Kit offers the possibility of being used with Soft Tip (Neutral and Intense) included in the package to make the feeling of the traditional cigarette more.

Wantoo Pod: Pack of 3 spare Pod pieces for Wantoo Kit, coated in cotton and usable preferably with 50VG / 50PG liquids.


Soft Tip NEUTRAL is aimed at a customer approaching the world of vape for the first time.
The shot is particularly "closed" and very faithfully replicates that of the traditional cigarette.
The NEUTRAL soft tip, due to its design, holds slightly hit and nicotine, which will necessarily have to be raised.

Soft Tip INTENSE is aimed at a consumer who already knows the world of vaping or who is still looking for a good aromatic yield.
The feeling of having a traditional cigarette in your mouth, in addition, "thanks to the hole", the customer will perceive the hit and aroma very well.

Svapaland - Aroma Gold 10ml: The first aroma that reproduces the taste of combustion to make you stop smoking without regretting the feeling of lighting your beloved how much hated cigarette.

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